003 – Reflecting on Reflection

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Every now and then a small thing happens during my day triggers some much more extensive thoughts/reflections (ironic right?). Discussing with my Occupational Therapy students about the importance of reflection got me thinking about my personal journey towards developing this SUPER IMPORTANT skill. I discuss a bit about my experience of finally realising how amazing this skillset can be and some tips about when and how you can start implementing it.

If you enjoy it and know someone else who could do with some tips on reflection than feel free to share this podcast with them!

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2 thoughts on “003 – Reflecting on Reflection

  1. Hello Brock. Just a thought having listened to your podcast on self reflection and the challenges of teaching the value of this process to students; for me it all made sense when I started applying this process to my clinical interventions with clients and teaching them the process of self reflection to enhance what they got out of each session and carry over this learning into other daily occupations.

    As an axample I will discuss the activity with my clients, who have cognitive impairment as a result of ABI, and check that they understand what we are doing duing the session and then ask them these questions

    How well do you think you may be able to do this task?
    What aspects do you think you might do well at?
    What aspects might be challenging?
    What strategies can you use to overcome/minimise these challenges?

    Then we do the task and review immediately, reflecting on the questions we asked prior, so

    What went well and why?
    What was challenging and why?
    What strategies do you use and how did they assist?
    What could you do differently next time so that you manage this task more efficiently?

    Then the next time we did the same task we would reflect again on prior performance and what would be done differently this time.

    Once I recognised the positive impact on clients recovery from this process I was more inclined to think I need to learn this so I can teach it to my clients.

    Hope this makes sense to you, and anyone else who happens to read this!)

    • Thankyou for the awesome comment Alison! I strongly think that OT’s need more knowledge about how and why reflection works as opposed to just being told that it does. I feel this would make it 1) much more valued but also 2) much more critical in the techniques they are using. I love hearing about how people use reflection in practice so thankyou very much 🙂

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