049 – Meaning and Occupational Engagement


This is an emerging topic for me. It’s something for which I’ve seen a correlation for many many years. Now is the stage in my career where I’m starting to explore this more in-depth. Meaning is arguably the most important aspect of a person’s occupation. Yet, in my experience, it is also one of the most neglected or least understood areas of our practice.

This episode I wanted to take some time to reflect on my thought process and how “meaning” has evolved over my career.

I make reference to an article during the episode that has recently provided me with some food for thought around this:

Morris, K., Cox, DL. (2017) Developing a descriptive framework for “occupational engagement” Journal of Occupational Science 24 (2), 152-164

Would love to hear your thoughts on “meaning” and how you see it relating to occupational therapy! Shoot me an email or a voice mail! All links in the profile.

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One thought on “049 – Meaning and Occupational Engagement

  1. Hi Brock,

    Thanks for your thoughts on meaning – it was great to listen and think about it a bit more. For me, things that have greatest meaning are things that help me to align my doing with my values.

    I was listening to this other podcast the other day and I think they touched on really similar things that you did – but in their own ways. The podcast series is called Coaching for Leaders and the episode was ‘Align your calendar to what matters with Nir Eya’. https://coachingforleaders.com/podcast/calendar-what-matters-nir-eyal/

    Cheers, Anita

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